Reed Psychology

Specialising in psychological, mental and relational wellbeing

Our approach is founded on developing a trusting, respectful and professional relationship with you. Drawing on contemporary and evidence-based approaches, we seek to raise awareness of long-standing patterns and perceptions that may be disrupting efforts to realise a fulfilling and meaningful life. While we cannot change past experiences and events, we can work together with you to better understand, act on and resolve challenges and situations in your life, as they present today.

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Dr Michael Reed

Michael is a Registered Psychologist, Accredited Clinical Social Worker, Certified Gestalt Therapist and Relational/Family Therapist who has been practising for over 45 years. Michael specialises in the provision of high quality and strictly confidential services in counselling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families. He is experienced in addressing a wide range of relational and psychological concerns,  mental health conditions and worries arising out of daily life.

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